Lead Pastors

Brandon & Jennifer Hollar

In 1993, Brandon Hollar met Jennifer Salazar in her hometown of Lockhart, Tx. After their first kiss, both knew they were meant for each other and their lives would be better together! A short while later, Brandon would courageously propose and Jennifer would heartily accept! The two married in August of 1995 and began their journey of ministry together intent on fulfilling the call of God on their lives. In 1999 Brandon and Jennifer moved to Kyle, Tx (when there was only a Dairy Queen, Post Office & a Bon Ton!) to raise and grow their family of 4 children and to pastor the Life Unlimited campuses of Lockhart and Austin Tx.

After 19 years as Lead Pastors of Life Unlimited Church, Brandon & Jennifer were given the rare and amazing opportunity to become a part of the Abundant Church family, allowing their pastor, Charles Nieman, to become the senior pastor over their Life Unlimited campuses and for all to begin a new chapter together as Abundant Church, a faith filled, multi-campus church.

With a great love for the central Texas area, Lead Pastors Brandon and Jennifer Hollar now pastor the great families of Abundant Lockhart and newly launched Abundant Kyle campuses.

They continue to be passionate about leading and building God’s church to be a life-giving community that instills hope for an Abundant life.

Brandon and Jennifer never tire of seeing people experience the love of Jesus and the abundant life Jesus came to give them. It remains an honor for them to be able to preach and teach God’s word and to live life together with their family and the beautiful families of Abundant Lockhart and Abundant Kyle.